Principal’s Message

Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Welcome Cougar families,

Another exciting year awaits us. Whether your child is returning to Chalmers or your family is new to the area, we look forward to partnering with you to support the growth and achievement of your child.

Chalmers is a very special school. Classrooms are filled with children who are each unique in their own way, who are empowered to be themselves, and who are encouraged to celebrate and share their skills and interests with those around them. Every student deserves to feel safe and experience a sense of belonging while at Chalmers. We are thrilled to have each of you on our team!

I recognize that this is my first September as the principal of Chalmers, and although I have only experienced a few months in the building, I am confident in describing our staff with one word: heart. Our staff put kids first, always, and they truly care about supporting our students in their journey. Chalmers continues to strive to be a learning community that works together to help each other, our students and their families.

We want you to have a voice in your child’s learning. If you are already involved, please stay active in supporting the school community. For those considering what ways they may be able to contribute, please reflect on the following possibilities:

Have you thought about volunteering on a field trip? What about attending a School Council meeting to learn more about our school improvement plan, key actions and initiatives? Perhaps you would be interested in reading with children? There are many opportunities for parents to get involved at Chalmers, and I know that our community has a lot to offer.

The next time we cross paths, please stop and say hello. I’d love to connect with you. Remember…we share a common mission. Let’s have a great year together.



Jeff Johnson