Hello Chalmers Cougars and Families!


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Chalmers Street Public School.


We can’t wait to see everyone and get into the routines of the regular school day again. Please log on to your school-day account to find your child’s assigned class for the year. Teachers, Special Education teachers and Administrators worked collaboratively to place students in classes taking many factors into consideration. Our classes are very full and changes at this point will be complicated. If you do have major concerns and information that we may not have been privy to please let your child try the first few days out and see how things go. The first day of school is not until WEDNESDAY, September 6th.


On Wednesday, teachers will be on the back school yard with signs containing their name and homeroom. Students are to line up with their teacher and the teacher will take attendance and bring them into their classrooms as a group. Kindergarten classes will congregate on the tarmac and Grade 1-6 teachers will be on the field. Try not to worry about them as they will be in good hands and having a fantastic day!


Please refer to the Student/Family Handbook  to get to know our staff and some of the routines and expectations at Chalmers. All students will be bringing home the last page of the booklet for you and them to sign to say you have gone over it together and to indicate if you would like to volunteer or join the School Council. No pressure, but we would love to have you join our team! If every student in their class returns the last page the class will receive a group reward.


We look forward to a great year!  Our Open House is on Wednesday, September 13th from 6-7pm. Drop by to see us and your child’s classroom and teacher.


Keep Smiling, Sharon Morgan and Christine Burrowes

(Principal and Vice Principal)