Chalmers Street Public School is a wonderful school filled with an abundance of energy. We provide a safe and caring environment in which the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our children will be met. We encourage a love of learning and a pursuit of knowledge so that each individual will reach his or her full potential as a morally responsible contributing member of society.

Our focus is that all children can learn and that is witnessed on a daily basis in every classroom. We strive as a school to continually seek improvement from our students and staff alike. Character Education is also something we place a great emphasis on.  Our 3 rules to live by are Be safe, Be respectful and Do your job.

Approximately 400 junior kindergarten to grade 6 students are enrolled at Chalmers. Our grade 6 students move on to attend Moffat Creek Public School or Stewert Ave PS for grade 7 and 8..

Our Staff

The staff at Chalmers Street Public School is dedicated to educational excellence. Our staff consists of 17 classroom teachers, an administration team, an office manager, library clerk and 2 custodians that look after our building. Special Education teachers, core French teachers, Physical Education teachers, CYW, EA’s and DECE’s.

Parents and Community

Another fabulous aspect of our community is our parents.  Chalmers Street P.S. School Council meets on the second Wednesday of most months at 6pm in our library. We invite and encourage all parents to attend these informal meetings to collaborate with staff and further support student learning.

The development of our young people is a shared responsibility involving all members of our school community. Mutual support, teamwork and communication between the home and school are fundamental in developing students that are self-disciplined and have the skills necessary to reach their full potential.